CAFFEINE POWDER 100% Anhydrous Pharma Grade – Conforms to USP38, BP2015


CAFFEINE POWDER 100% Anhydrous Pharma Grade – Conforms to USP38, BP2015

Pure caffeine powder – silky white  crystalline powder.  Free shipping Australia-wide.

Please see below, full description, specifications, warnings and directions for use.  Beware of cheap, low grade imports.

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Caffeine is classified by the US Food and Drug Administration as generally recognised as safe (GRAS). Toxic doses, over 10 grams per day for an adult, are much higher than the typical dose of under 500 milligrams per day, A cup of coffee contains 80–175 mg of caffeine, depending on what “bean” (seed) is used and how it is prepared (e.g., drippercolation, or espresso). Thus it requires roughly 50–100 ordinary cups of coffee to reach the toxic dose. However, pure powdered caffeine, which is available as a dietary supplement, can be lethal in tablespoon-sized amounts.

Suggested Use: An average cup of coffee contains approximately 100mg of caffeine – use this product accordingly.
Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.
Caution: This product is PURE CAFFEINE – care must be taken as small amounts can be very potent. Using a micro weighing-balance of high accuracy, is strongly recommended. Avoid prolonged exposure to skin. Do not inhale, and avoid contact with mucous membranes and eyes.
WARNINGS: Keep out of the reach of young children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Do not take during pregnancy or for prolonged periods without consulting a doctor.

Content Standard Results
Appearance White or almost white, crystalline powder (BP) or silky, white or almost white, crystals White crystalline powder

A.    Melting point

B.    Infrared Absorption


C.    Loss on drying


234-239oC (BP)

Conforms to the caffeine reference spectrum (BP)


See Tests (BP)






Appearance on solution Clear, colourless (BP) Pass
Heavy metals ≤20ppm (BP) <10ppm
Sulphates ≤500ppm (BP) <500ppm
Related substances
Each impurity A, B ,C, D,E, F ≤0.10% (BP) <0.10%
Unspecified impurities ≤0.10% (BP) <0.10%
Total impurities ≤0.1% (BP) <0.1%
Acidity Not more than 0.2 ml of 0.01M sodium hydroxide (BP) <0.2ml
Organic impurities
Individual impurities ≤0.1% (USP) <0.1%
Total impurities ≤0.1% (USP) <0.1%
Loss on drying ≤0.5% (BP) 0.10%
Residue on ignition ≤0.1% (USP) 0.05%
Assay 98.5%-101.0% (USP) 99.8%

Conclusion: The above product conforms to BP2015, USP38 requirement on Caffeine.

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